embracing chaos


“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order”.

Carl Gustav Jung

One of the things having the biggest power to make us feel lost is the awareness of the chaotic nature of life.
I’ve always felt like a still spot surrounded by a constantly moving world, always transforming too fast to manage to catch sight of its shades, to get to flow with it.

It was as if of every change, event or expression of life I could only catch a glimpse, like a luminous trail left behind them.
By fighting anxiety and depression I’ve been looking for a dark corner inside me, where uncertainty, randomness and those luminous trails couldn’t reach me; but I realized that all I was keeping a distance from was vitality.

So I decided to get closer to that chaos, to learn to know it and to find out more about how mankind relates to it in different cultures and ages. I’ve studied many of its aspects, from a philosophical, scientific and mythological point of view; I’ve discovered how much life and freedom it contains, I understood that order can’t exist without chaos, and I found out that according to the cosmogony of many cultures around the world, it was the chaos itself to give birth to the cosmos.

The Ancient Greeks saw chaos as an immense and shapeless abyss, without beginning or end, with nothing organized or clear in it, but in which everything was already contained and from which all is originated from.
This made me begin to appreciate the powerful creative force of chaos, its lively nature, and made me want to learn to embrace instead fighting it.

Embracing Chaos is a photographic project in which light and darkness, color and its absence blend together to investigate and express the sensations aroused by the thought of chaos, between possibility and bewilderment.