Silvia Montevecchi (1994) is an artist and photographer based in Florence.
She studied photography at LABA (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti) in Florence, where she graduated in 2018. During her artistic learning she developed an interest in the use of photography as a an instrument for introspective investigation.
She thinks photography as a window connecting the interiority to the outside.
Her images are visual interpretation of an inner journey, an introspective investigation about identity, fears, hidden thoughts and feelings.
Her aim is to create imaginary worlds in which introspection is led by visual impulses, evoked sensations, symbolic elements.
Silvia Montevecchi’s work develops as a series of reflections upon themes that are central in everybody’s existential though, such as death, our connection with our inner world and our way to relate to the chaotic nature of life, themes that she feels the need to deepen in a personal way.
During the last years she has been very connected to the theme of chaos, and this lead her to experiment also abstract painting and mixed techniques.
Her work has been exhibited in collective and solo shows and published in photographic magazines such as Ombra Magazine and Musée Magazine, and in 2018 she published the photographic book Jisei no ku in collaboration with Seipersei publishing house.

Among her recognitions the Azimut Capital Management prize won during Paratissima Torino 2018, the Arte Laguna Prize, won in 2019 for the “photographic art and digital graphics” section, and she is one of the 150 talents selected for Fresh Eyes Photo by GUP Magazine in 2021.

Currently she both engages in photographic works on commission and in personal artistic projects.


2023 – 2024 “Nigredo”, exhibition in collaboration with Niccolò Cozzi and Officina Parnaso, Palazzo Giorgi, Siena

2022 “Chrysalis”, solo exhibition, Spazio Bianco, Pesaro

2022 “Il chiasso nell’arte, non nella guerra”, collective exhibition, Galleria Chiasso Perduto, Firenze

2021 “Wort im Bild”, collective exhibition, Ausstellung Krakau, Krakovia

2021 “Le opere e i giorni”, collective exhibition, Museo degli Innocenti, Firenze

2021 “The State of Being Light”, virtual solo exhibition, in collaboration with Die Mauer gallery

2019 “International Contemporary Art Prize 2019”, collective exhibition, Palazzo Birago, Torino

2019 “Paratissima Talents”, collective exhibition, Castello di Novara, Novara

2019 final exhibition of Arte Laguna Prize, collective exhibition, Nappe Arsenale, Venezia

2019 “Oltre”, collective exhibition, Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna

2018 – 2019 “Poetiche d’arte contemporanea”, collective exhibition, Artgallery37,    Torino

2018 – 2019 “Jisei no ku”, solo exhibition, Gruppo Azimut offices, Torino

2018 “NoPhoto”, Paratissima Art Fair Torino 2018, collective exhibition, Caserma    La Marmora, Torino

2018 “Jisei no ku”, solo exhibition, Seipersei Gallery, Siena

2017 “Caducità”, collective exhibition, Tethys Gallery, Firenze2017 “Al femminile”, collective exhibition, Seipersei Gallery, Siena